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What is the ColonoscopyAssist Program About?

  • The ColonoscopyAssist program provides colonoscopy screenings and colon cancer support for the underinsured community.
  • The program offers 4 tests at a heavily discounted rate :
    1. Colonoscopy
    2. Upper Endoscopy
    3. Cologuard (DNA Test)
    4. FIT Tests (Stool Test)
  • Interest Free Payment Plan Options are available for patients unable to afford a test.
  • Screenings are provided completely free of charge in certain regions where funding is available.
  • Support and help is provided for patients diagnosed with colon cancer.

Patient Reviews

Your feedback is the fuel that keeps us going everyday. It is what justifies the countless long hours we put into this program to help our patients.

Here are some of the reviews from our patients. We invite you to leave us some feedback about your experience with us.

Please only leave a review if you have completed a colonoscopy scheduled through our program.

Reviews (1880)

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Rose Cha (Tampa, Fa) says...
Very smooth process! All questions were answered promptly. The facility where I took my mother for colonoscopy was great as well! Highly recommended!
17th June 2017 2:36pm
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Mercedes Moquete (Orlando, Florida) says...
Me atendió un personal en español, desde el primer momento que el paciente llama el trato es excelente, tratan siempre de buscarle solución al problema del paciente y el servicio es muy personalizado, desde el principio la persona que nos atendió no solo nos ayudaba, sino que también nos daba un seguimiento y nos mantenía siempre muy esperanzados, este lugar es un pedazo de cielo para las personas que buscamos ayuda.
Quiero darle de manera especial las gracias a Rosanna de la ext 210 she is the Best!!!!!! Personas como ella, ayudan a que la empresa siga creciendo!
17th June 2017 11:07am
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Dan C (Green Lane, Pa.) says...
I found colonoscopyassist to be a great program, I went to the facility in Lanham, MD and was treated very well, Dr. Din performed the colonoscopy and I found him to be a very humble man who when done and I was awake answered all my questions and was a pleasure to speak with. Highly recommended. Thank you Five stars.
Dan C.
15th June 2017 9:46pm
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Renee (Pickens Sc) says...
This program is GREAT!!! I am self pay and could not afford to have the tests I needed. My daughter did some research and found Colonoscopy Assist. I am so grateful we found them! There are not many programs out there to help those who need it. Everyone at Colonoscopy Assist were so helpful and helped me in any way I needed. The facility I had my tests done at were great!!! Thank you Colonoscopy Assist!!!
15th June 2017 8:54pm
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Shellie (Kingwood Tx) says...
Before I had to have these procedures I didn't even know something like this existed. I'm a self pay patient and through this program I was able to afford the upper and lower GI. Everyone I talked to was super helpful and kind. The Northwest Surgery Center was fantastic. Overall everyone was very caring and made the procedures seem not so terrible. I would definitely recommend everyone to check this out.
14th June 2017 11:08am
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Cj (Dfw) says...
This is an awesome program. I have put off getting one due to cost and high ded on insurance although several family members in family have colon cancer and some were fatal. I was relieved to find this program. The Plano Surgical Hospital experience was great as well. I would recommend to anyone.
14th June 2017 10:07am
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Debbie (Farmers Branch,tx) says...
I have colon cancer in my immediate family and I would not have been able to be screened had it not been for Colonoscopy Assist. It has been a blessing to me! Excellent!!!
13th June 2017 7:03pm
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Debbie (Farmers Branch, Tx) says...
Excellent! I have colon cancer in my immediate family and I would not have been able to be screened had it not been for Colonoscopy Assist. They have been a blessing.
13th June 2017 7:00pm
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Alejandro Cabalde (Sugar Land Texas) says...
Colonoscopy Assist helped me in getting a colonoscopy done. It provided the best value for service provided. The facility we went to was excellent. Dr.Clemmons was very professional, and his staff was courteous and attentive. The entire experience was good.
11th June 2017 3:30am
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Rick Jacobs (Scottsdale, Az) says...
Couldn't be happier. First, I went to the very best endoscopy center in the area. Second, I am self employed and the price was hundreds less than than anyone would quote me directly. Third, they removed a small polyp which, if left in place, would have turned into cancer with enough time. Like I said, couldn't be happier.
9th June 2017 1:50pm
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Bodie Lyman (Austin, Texas) says...
Ok, I was very leery of this organization. Who can go against the Mega Insurance companies and win, right? Well they do and I did. Since my 1st and only colonoscopy I've had resulted in polyps being found, I have an existing condition. I've been putting off having another one for too long as I didn't want to pay out of pocket the $3300.00 it would cost me. I found this company on the internet. From start to finish, it all went great. The staff was wonderful, check in was awesome, everything was excellent! The cost...$1075.00. I'm a huge fan now!
9th June 2017 1:35pm
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Rebecca (Vero Beach, Fl) says...
Received excellent care at Kissimmee Endocopy Center. The entire staff was extremely conscientious.
9th June 2017 11:03am
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Debbie (Atlanta, Ga) says...
CA was very professional and very helpful every step of the way. Dr. Shapiro and his staff were very supportive and answered all questions. A great price for an all inclusive procedure. Thank you for the savings CA. However CA did bill me twice, so save your sales draft in case of dispute. I informed them and they sent me a statement with the correct balance within minutes. Thank you CA. I will be recommending you to all I know. God bless.
8th June 2017 9:05pm

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