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What is the ColonoscopyAssist Program About?

  • The ColonoscopyAssist program provides colonoscopy screenings and colon cancer support for the underinsured community.
  • The program offers 4 tests at a heavily discounted rate :
    1. Colonoscopy
    2. Upper Endoscopy
    3. Cologuard (DNA Test)
    4. FIT Tests (Stool Test)
  • Interest Free Payment Plan Options are available for patients unable to afford a test.
  • Screenings are provided completely free of charge in certain regions where funding is available.
  • Support and help is provided for patients diagnosed with colon cancer.

Patient Reviews

Your feedback is the fuel that keeps us going everyday. It is what justifies the countless long hours we put into this program to help our patients.

Here are some of the reviews from our patients. We invite you to leave us some feedback about your experience with us.

Please only leave a review if you have completed a colonoscopy scheduled through our program.

Reviews (2017)

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Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star 5/5 (2017)
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
Fred (Denver) says...
Nothing but high marks all around. Dr Burrows and the staff at Rose Surgical Center made it as pleasant as a colonoscopy could be.
18th January 2018 10:36am
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarEmpty Star
Susan (Junction City Kansas) says...
I would recommend this program to everyone. Your communication and commitment to quality of care prior to the procedure is outstanding. I ended up going to Denver for my procedure and the prep was easy to do. I recommend chilled water to mix the powder and I drank yellow Gatorade and gingerale thru it all and it was easy to swallow for me. Oh yes and a straw is your friend. The staff at the facility where great and helpful thru all of it. Unfortunately I was unable to complete the colonoscopy due to my inability to be able to take both of the injections. I did take the Fentynl but it was of no help. The Dr wanted a virtual colonoscopy and we tried that as well and still was unable to complete. Now I am back to square one as to how to get my colonoscopy complete.
17th January 2018 3:31pm
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
Lee (Houston, Tx) says...
Flawless schedule and communication system. I received a series of informative emails from scheduling confirmation to prep instructions that completely prepared me for the procedure to helpful tips. I appreciate the ease of use and all efforts by ColonoscopyAssist to offer this lifesaving program.

I thank Dr Clemmons and his incredible team for participating in ColonoscopyAssist. Everyone made me feel welcome, they were efficient and listened. I especially loved the procedure room with artwork and jazz music.Simply a great experience.

16th January 2018 3:26pm
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
Ali (Atlanta, Ga) says...
We scheduled colonoscopy quickly, even added endoscopy last minute, and it worked out.
The stuff was very helpful.
The results came quickly, the doctor was good, called and explained the treatment.
It was a great option for me, as I don't have an insurance.
15th January 2018 10:13pm
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
Kat Coles (Tucson, Az) says...
I was pleasantly surprised how professional and smooth the process was. I was kept up-to-date as to next steps from sign-up to followup after my procedure. The whole staff and doctors were professional, helpful and friendly the day of the procedure. They were also extremely efficient with the whole team knowing what was going on and when. The only "criticism" I have is it was a bit rushed the day of the procedure. I would advise others to be sure to have all their questions and concerns lined up BEFORE you go in, otherwise, you might not have a chance to get questions answered. Kudos to your organization .. great job!
14th January 2018 7:56pm
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
Aurelia Navarro (Everman, Tx) says...
Extremely pleased! Everyone was so informative, caring, helpful, and very nice. Thank you for a great job!
14th January 2018 1:03pm
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
Mike (Owensboro Ky) says...
Professionalism on every level. Very pleased
12th January 2018 10:46am
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
Anson Shreve (Greenville Sc) says...
Don't hesitate to use this service! When you are down and worried about yoyr health you shouldn't have to go broke to figure out whats wrong with you.
Outstanding service being provided here by colonoscopyassist, thanks so much to everone on the staff
12th January 2018 10:08am
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
Julie Sasso (Ogden, Ut) says...
This program is very helpful. I love the E-mail reminders. The prep-procedure and the actual Colonoscopy Screening process at Utah Gastroenterology, Salt Lake City, was done very efficiently. Everyone was helpful, friendly, and courteous. Outstanding experience! Thank you very much for all your good work.
11th January 2018 7:32pm
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
Bradley Glaze (Lyons, Oregon) says...
Compassionate doctor- Dr Gibson and team
Excellent support!!- Cololoscopy Assist

Thanks for your service and affordable rates !!

11th January 2018 11:32am
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
Kevin (Tyler, Tx) says...
Very easy procedure. All staff very professional. Facilities clean and modern. Saved me about $1500 versus other quotes I had using (coincidentally) the same Doctor I was originally referred to by my family physician. Thank you!
11th January 2018 10:04am
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
James Cashion (Aledo, Tx) says...
WOW WOW WOW! Not only did this save me money, the follow up with Colonscopy assist was AWESOME!
Superb service!
10th January 2018 11:51am
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
James M Glidewell (Chattanooga Tn) says...
Everything was fine everyone was thoughtful and I had no problems with the procedure although I did not get any results about the polyps and if they were cancerous or not other than that I give you a 10 everything was great
8th January 2018 4:52am

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