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What is the ColonoscopyAssist Program About?

  • The ColonoscopyAssist program promotes colon cancer screening among the uninsured community
  • The following tests are provided at heavily discounted rates:
    1. Colonoscopy
    2. Upper Endoscopy
    3. Cologuard
    4. FIT
  • Financial assistance is provided to patients unable to afford the tests.
  • The program focuses on removing financial barriers to CRC screening.



Patient Reviews

Your feedback is the fuel that keeps us going everyday. It is what justifies the countless long hours we put into this program to help our patients.

Here are some of the reviews from our patients. We invite you to leave us some feedback about your experience with us.

Please only leave a review if you have completed a colonoscopy scheduled through our program.

Reviews (2025)

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David (Denver, Colorado) says...
I have a high deductible insurance plan and am under 50 years old with a family history of colon cancer. My doctor, rightfully so, recommends getting a colonoscopy every 5 years starting at age 40.
My insurance will only cover a colonoscopy every 10 years starting at age 50. Anytime before then, they will only cover after meeting the deductible which means that I'd have to cover everything.
ColonoscopyAssist made the process easy and affordable. I was able to get an appointment within 3 weeks of first contacting them. The doctor and surgical center associated with the program were excellent.
Screening for colon cancer can be a life or death issue. This program makes it affordable and easy.
It may seem like it's too good to be true, but this is just a great program that cares about your health.
4th November 2017 5:23pm
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David E Mangelsdorf (Imperial, Mo) says...
Appointment scheduling was excellent. The staff was very friendly and helpful. Doctor was honest, "down to earth", and a pleasure to talk to. Couldn't ask for a better experience, given the procedure.
3rd November 2017 12:50pm
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V Terry (Toledo, Oh) says...
I’m young with a history of polyps and terrible insurance. I am so grateful for this program. I was able to get in within a month. It might have literally been a life saver for me.
3rd November 2017 12:29pm
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Sara Mays (Scottsdale, Az) says...
A wonderful experience. The appointment was easy to make and the instructions I received were easy to understand. Everyone at Sun City Endoscopy Center was so nice and very professional. Wonderful people. Thank God for Colonoscopy Assist; I am 59 years old and can't afford insurance (no, I don't qualify for subsidies), so without this service, I would not have been able to have had this colonoscopy. I need one every 3-5 years because several family members have died from colon cancer. Thank you, Colonoscopy Assist! And thank you, Arizona Digestive Health, Dr. Hutchinson, and the staff at Sun City Endoscopy Center. You're all truly angels!
3rd November 2017 10:02am
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Jamie G (Orlando, Fl) says...
So easy!!!
31st October 2017 1:51pm
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Yvonne R (Houston Tx) says...
ColonoscopyAssist did excellent in helping me go through this procedure. They made it substantially more affordable since I didn't have insurance. They answered every question in a friendly and helpful manner. They kept me updated one what to do and expect. I'm greatful for their service!
31st October 2017 10:09am
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Barry L (Kernersville, Nc) says...
Was very nervous. Never had the procedure and my wife found this on the internet. Charlotte Gastro in Mooresville was Great! Colonoscopy Assist provides an invaluable service! Everyone was so nice & Helpful. Being without Insurance, makes this procedure without Colonoscopy Assist not possible! Thanks Guys!
30th October 2017 2:35pm
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Maria (Guerrero) says...
Extremely happy!!! Colonoscopy Assist is a blessing. Everything and everyone was great. Thank you very much!.
30th October 2017 12:38pm
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Sherri Neice (Peoria, Az) says...
This entire process was amazing, from making the appointment to follow up... I would recommend and use this service again. I am self insured and the savings was much appreciated since I need a colonscopy every year... Thank you
27th October 2017 12:35pm
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
Thomas T. (Boyd, Wi) says...
Prompt appointment, friendly staff, well done within time-frame given, a boon to those without insurance. Wish a facility closer to NW Wisconsin, but worth the trip!
27th October 2017 12:14pm
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Todd Ellingson (Phoenix, Az) says...
I was able to get an appointment quickly and thought the overall experience was good! The staff was excellent and I felt like I was in good hands from the very beginning. Everything was explained clearly and with care. I was in and out quickly and was riding my bicycle 4 hours later. I was running by the next morning so I have felt great the day after. Great job and I high recommend this as a screening tool for guys over 50!
27th October 2017 9:57am
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
Jack M (Tulsa, Ok) says...
ColonoscopyAssist made scheduling and paying for the procedure a breeze, and I cannot say enough positive things about Dr. Jeff Scott and the entire staff at Digestive Disease Specialists' Ambulatory Endoscopy Center North. Everyone was professional, friendly and caring. They were all respectful of patients and provided the kind of genuine personal interaction that all professionals should strive to match. Five stars isn't enough.
26th October 2017 3:46pm
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
Margaret Douglas (Raleigh Nc) says...
Had my colonoscopy done yesterday!!!! I cannot say enough good things about the whole procedure. Colonoscopy Assist in Texas explained every concern I had. Triangle Gastroenterology Raleigh NC, I have nothing but great things to say about.
24th October 2017 10:35am

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