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What is the ColonoscopyAssist Program About?

  • The ColonoscopyAssist program promotes colon cancer screening among the uninsured community
  • The following tests are provided at heavily discounted rates:
    1. Colonoscopy
    2. Upper Endoscopy
    3. Cologuard
    4. FIT
  • Financial assistance is provided to patients unable to afford the tests.
  • The program focuses on removing financial barriers to CRC screening.



Patient Reviews

Your feedback is the fuel that keeps us going everyday. It is what justifies the countless long hours we put into this program to help our patients.

Here are some of the reviews from our patients. We invite you to leave us some feedback about your experience with us.

Please only leave a review if you have completed a colonoscopy scheduled through our program.

Reviews (2025)

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Nancy (Berkley, Mi) says...
After many inquiries with my physician and local community facilities, the amount for this procedure without insurance was between $5000 - $10,000. My daughter found your website and signed me up. Everything went very smoothly. I was contacted in a timely manner and all the arrangements were made within 2 weeks. The staff at the clinic was great and they put you right at ease. I am very thankful that this option was available and would highly recommend using your service.
1st February 2013 10:00am
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Elizabeth Greene (Hanover, Md) says...
If you have to pay out of pocket for a colonoscopy, this is the way to go. Mine cost around $1000. Other physicians charge much more. I went to a facility near Baltimore and everyone was kind and efficient, the anesthetist was very sensitive to needle haters like me, and honestly, the whole thing was over before I knew it. And, at age 60, there was nothing wrong. They gave me photos and a report which I sent to my physician.
1st February 2013 9:59am
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Bill Courtney (Dallas, Tx) says...
Contacted program in January. It wasn't until July, 7 months later, that I was able to get a procedure scheduled. They do not respond to emails. I had to call several times to prod them to get the scheduling going. Very slow and bad communication.
<span>Our sincere apologies for the wait, Bill.<br />We did have scheduling issues for Dallas last year and the backlog in Dallas was completely resolved in July. Our appointments are back down to within ~2 weeks from the time an appointment request is made.</span><br /><br />
1st February 2013 9:32am
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Debbie F. (Midlothian Il) says...
ColonoscopyAssist was great! I requested a colonoscopy, they sent me to a place near my home, the nurses and doctors were very nice and I had a great experience. I will definitely be recommending ColonoscopyAssist to everyone I know.
1st February 2013 9:30am
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T Dominico (Mechanicsburg, Pa) says...
I'd recommend ColonoscopyAssist to everyone. I already have recommened them. I got an appointment with a few days, didn't have to drive too far. No hidden charges. When I got to the doctor's office, there was not much of a wait. It was a flawless. The people that work at ColonoscopyAssist were very knowledgable and helpful and returned calls. The procedure went very smoothly and I now have peace of mind.
1st February 2013 9:24am
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Eliana (Houston) says...
My father needed to get a Colonoscopy and endoscopy and because he did not have insurance nor medicare it was very expensive to pay out of pocket. I contacted several physician offices and the price for a colonoscopy ranged from $1000-2000 plus other unknown charges. I searched online and found the Colonoscopy Assist website. I filled out their form to request an appointment and within a few days they contacted me with a date for my father's colonoscopy/endoscopy appointment. The cost for both procedures was clear and there we no hidden charges. Everything went as they said. I'm very thankful for their help.
1st February 2013 9:21am
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Zulay Botaro (Brooklyn Ny) says...
I didn't had enough money to have a colonoscopy and I really needed, so I went into the Colonoscopy Assist page, at the beginning I was not sure that they can send me to a good place, I mean they are in Chicago and I live in New York, but first they are so educated when you contact then at the phone, I don't speak very well English, and they took all the time to explain every thing to me, second they send me to a very professional gastroenterology center were I feel confidence. I really recommend the Colonoscopy Assist to anyone who need a professional Colonoscopy.
1st February 2013 9:18am
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Peter B (Union City, Nj) says...
My wife and I used ColonoscopyAssist to obtain colonoscopies we had both put off for financial reasons. I was initially skeptical, but it turned out that the service is real, does exactly what it promises, and at least in our case located an excellent gastroenterology practice for us to go to. They are expanding so as to offer service closer to us for the future. I would recommend CA to anyone who is delaying getting this important cancer screening for financial reasons.
1st February 2013 9:13am
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Marc A. (Dallas, Tx) says...
Got my colonoscopy set up and scheduled through these guys. They're relatively new but gr8 interaction! They set everything up and I just showed up on the day to the clinic they made my appointment at and everything was taken care of. Got a really good deal through them as well!...and im quite price conscious since I lost my job last year...<br />highly recommended.
1st February 2013 8:43am
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Susan Topla (Miami, Fl) says...
I was very happy to find your program and thrilled with the results. The facility I went to was professional and the care was excellent. This gives people like me with no health insurance the ability to take care of myself without breaking the bank. Thank you thank you.
31st January 2013 2:18pm

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