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Please consider the following when selecting appointment dates

  • You will have to perform your bowel prep the night before your appointment
  • You must have someone to accompany you on the day of your appointment
  • You should plan 3 hours for the appointment and you will not be able to drive for the rest of the day.
  • Procedures are usually performed in the morning
  • Appointments must be rescheduled or cancelled at least 2 days in advanced
  • If your dates requested are not available, the clinic will contact you to schedule an appointment
Meet Zahra
Our Artificial Intelligence Prediction Technology
Before his jump into the world of colon cancer awareness, our director was a computer engineer fond of artificial intelligence. Away from engineering, his fingers were itching to write code and so he developed software that could predict whether a physician will ask for a consult.
The algorithm, named after the directors daughter, analyzes statistical information submitted to each physician.
Zahra is able to determine patterns in each physicians decision making process and over time gets better and better at predicting what the physician will decide. For example, if a particular physician tends to requests consults for patients with diabetes, Zahra will catch on to it.
Infact, Zahra is so accurate now that we often claim it knows what a physician wants before he/she knows it. Sometimes when a physician decides against Zahras prediction, we joke that Zahra was right, it was the Physician that had a lapse in judgement!

Our Payment Plans

ColonoscopyAssist offers 2 payment plans, ColonoscopyAssist Plan and Care Credit

Upper Endoscopy or EGD

Chances are if you are wondering what an Upper Endoscopy is or whether you need one, you don’t need it.

An Upper Endoscopy is a procedure where a physician will place a video scope through your throat and look into your Esophagus and Stomach.

The procedure is a diagnostic test that is only performed when a physician orders it. Unlike a colonoscopy, an EGD is not done as a preventative screening.

Pre-Procedure Consultations

A pre-procedure consultation is usually not required when scheduling through our program.
Participating physicians understand that consults increase the cost of the procedure and are an additional hurdle to getting your procedure.

To ensure that quality of care is not being compromised, these forms will ask you for medical history. The performing physician will review the medical history prior to scheduling the procedure appointment. If the physician has a concern, he/she will request a consult and you will be notified.