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What is the ColonoscopyAssist Program About?

  • The ColonoscopyAssist program promotes colon cancer screening among the uninsured community
  • The following tests are provided at heavily discounted rates:
    1. Colonoscopy
    2. Upper Endoscopy
    3. Cologuard
    4. FIT
  • Financial assistance is provided to patients unable to afford the tests.
  • The program focuses on removing financial barriers to CRC screening.



About Us



The ColonoscopyAssist program was founded in 2010 as a way to remove financial barriers to colorectal cancer screening for the uninsured.

The program is run with the belief that if colorectal cancer screenings are made easily accessible and affordable, more individuals will choose to get screened.

Today hundreds of providers in over 30 states share in our vision by participating in the program and helping patients to get screened quickly and affordably. The organization works directly with communities with high CRC incidence to educate about the importance of early detection and bring awareness that colon cancer screenings are very accessible even for those without health insurance.

Over the years, numerous federal, state & county health departments, non-profit organizations, federally qualified health centers, research organizations and volunteer clinics rely on ColonoscopyAssist to reliably provide colon cancer screenings to their patients. The organization has evolved into the nation's back-bone for providing colon cancer screenings for any organization working with patients outside of the traditional insurance pool.

Mission Statement

- To reduce financial barriers to colorectal cancer screening.
- To create an awareness that colorectal cancer screenings are accessible even for those without health insurance
- To make a serious reduction in colorectal cancer cases by encouraging early detection.


Organizations that use our services

A few of the many organizations that have relied on ColonoscopyAssist are :




Contact Us

ColonoscopyAssist Program
2100 Valley View Ln, Suite #490
Farmers Branch TX 75234

Phone : (855) 542-6566
Fax     : (847) 847-2888

Hours : Mon - Fri : 8 am - 5 pm (CST)

Did you know?

In 2013, when the Department of Veteran Affairs needed extra capacity in their medical system to screen our veterans, they turned to ColonoscopyAssist to provide them.

ColonoscopyAssist was able to reduce wait times from multiple months to just days.

Did you know?

In 2018, ColonoscopyAssist launched a campaign to help the Philadelphia Police department increase their CRC screening rates. ColonoscopyAssist implemented an advanced screening portal that allowed department health officials to monitor the status of the campaign real-time while ColonoscopyAssist  screened thousands of officers.