What is the Colonoscopy Assist Program ?

  • Colonoscopy Assist is a program that promotes affordable colon cancer screening and is available as a free resource to the public.
  • The following services are provided at affordable pre-negotiated rates:
    1. Colonoscopy (screening or diagnostic)
    2. Upper Endoscopy
    3. Flexible Sigmoidoscopy
    4. Virtual Colonoscopy
    5. Cologuard
    6. FIT
  • Financial assistance is available for patients unable to afford the services.


Because Screening For Cancer Should Be Affordable

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Nationwide Access To Colon
Cancer Screening

With a national network of providers ready to help, ColonoscopyAssist brings affordable screening options to more than 30 states.

Farmers Branch City Council Meeting Farmers Branch, TX – ColonoscopyAssist director discusses importance of colorectal cancer screening at city council session.
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Proclamation Signed recognizing Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

In a coordinated effort with the Colon Cancer Coalition, ColonoscopyAssist worked with city officials to recognize colo-rectal cancer awareness month
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What Our Customers Are Saying

Convenient, efficient, affordable!
Having Colonoscopy Assist was great as we had only one entity to make payment through. As self pay “insurance”is a growing segment in the health services industry, this model has proven very effective and efficient. We as health care services consumers, are great full of the ease of use and afterwords not having to deal with the paper storm of bills from every direction. Love it, and you will to!
Great job Colonoscopy Assist!


Colonoscopy Assist is an awesome program that meets the needs of persons who have limited-to no insurance, at affordable rates. You get the same quality of care through experienced and competent physicians.  As a healthcare provider (Registered Nurse)  and client, my expectations were exceeded by a caring staff of nurses and anesthesiologist, and techs.  I was pleased with the care I received and look forward to my follow-up appointment. I was re-assured of the initial determination / finding of the procedure, therefore relieving any significant concerns and reducing undue stress.  Thank you Colonoscopy Assist for you thorough preparations and daily reminders. it means a lot to know you truly care.  I highly recommend your services.  May God bless you in a very special way, now and always.


Colonoscopy Assist was simple and affordable. I tried to get the complete price from others and I couldn’t, they want to send you the surprise bill. Knowing the price up front is what lead me to use Colonoscopy Assist. Help setting up the appointment and the reminders was great. I would recommend using them.


Fabulous experience. Colonoscopy Assist sent me to a great facility close to me and I got excellent care at an affordable cost. The best part is not worrying about any additional charges that I’m not prepared for. I hate those mystery doctor and lab bills that come later. I would recommend Colonoscopy Assist to anyone.


Thanks for your help on this program. I honestly do not think I would be able to afford the colon screening I have had if not for the program.  Everybody involved has been very professional and toughly. I have not had any less care then I would have paying full price or if I had insurance, which I have experienced (both) in the past. Why is this not done for other health screening? Thanks again.


The staff at colonoscopy assist were very helpful in coordinating our appointment with the physician. My husband and I had put off this screening because we could not afford the out of pocket expense had we gone through our insurance. We are extremely grateful that this was made available to us. The staff at the physician’s office were very friendly and made us feel comfortable. Each person explained in detail what to expect before, during and after the procedure. They took extra care making sure we had a safe ride home and even followed up the next day to see how we were doing. The process was very seamless. We drove 2 hours for this procedure and we will not hesitate to come back for our next screening.


Staff was helpful, positive, encouraging and thorough. It was such a positive experience! They gave me lots of preparatory info that helped me get ready for the prep and test. Since discharge, the doctor’s office has called me twice to check-in, and see if I had any complications or concerns. Wow! Somebody understands customer service! Thanks for being the exception in this crazy world. I highly value your service.


This is my second time using Colonoscopy Assist and am so grateful to have this option as this preventive screening is not covered by my insurance and I would have had to pay more than double the cost through them. Everything from scheduling, communication, to the payment process was all smooth. I was treated very well at the facility where I had the procedure, they were very attentive to my care, very efficient and professional.


What a great program especially for those who are uninsured. I could never have afforded to do this without your help. It was so easy to sign up and pick your doctor. Colonoscopy Assist helps you with everything from scheduling your appointment to making your payment. Communication with them was effortless. So grateful for all your help!!


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