What is the Colonoscopy Assist Program ?

  • Colonoscopy Assist is a program that promotes affordable colon cancer screening and is available as a free resource to the public.
  • The following services are provided at affordable pre-negotiated rates:
    1. Colonoscopy (screening or diagnostic)
    2. Upper Endoscopy
    3. Flexible Sigmoidoscopy
    4. Virtual Colonoscopy
    5. Cologuard
    6. FIT
  • Financial assistance is available for patients unable to afford the services.

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Because Screening For Cancer Should Be Affordable

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Fecal Immunochemical Test (FIT)

Colon Cancer Screening Stool Test

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is a FIT test?

A Fecal Immunochemical Test is a highly accurate colorectal cancer screening stool test. It involves taking a stool sample at home and sending it back to a lab for processing.
The test is a Tier 1 recommended as a colorectal screening by the American Cancer Society, CDC and US Preventitive Services Task Force.
This test is sometimes referred to as Fecal Occult Blood Test (FOBT) or an iFOBT.
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Who should take this test?

Medical guidelines state that all persons over the age of 45 at average risk of Colorectal Cancer (CRC) should take this test once a year even if no symptoms exists.

To learn more about the test visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

What does taking a FIT involve?

Taking the FIT is simple and non-invasive with a total time commitment of less than 5 minutes. ColonoscopyAssist will mail you a collection kit which will allow you to collect a small stool sample using a brush. The kit is returned to our lab using a pre-paid envelope provided and results are typically available within 7 days. The video below accurately describes what the test involves for the patient.

Is the FIT different than an FOBT?

FOBT or fecal occult blood test is the name of the general family of tests used for colon cancer screening. The most accurate version of this test is the FIT (Fecal Immunochemical Test).
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