What is the Colonoscopy Assist Program ?

  • Colonoscopy Assist is a program that promotes affordable colon cancer screening and is available as a free resource to the public.
  • The following services are provided at affordable pre-negotiated rates:
    1. Colonoscopy (screening or diagnostic)
    2. Upper Endoscopy
    3. Flexible Sigmoidoscopy
    4. Virtual Colonoscopy
    5. Cologuard
    6. FIT
  • Financial assistance is available for patients unable to afford the services.

Understanding Your Charges2021-06-11T10:15:55-05:00

Because Screening For Cancer Should Be Affordable

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A number of various entities provide their services during a colonoscopy or upper endoscopy. Typically, the patient will receive a separate bill from the physician, hospital/surgery center, anesthesiologist, pathologist and the pathology lab. ColonoscopyAssist simplifies some of this complexity by offering one all-inclusive rate for the procedure. The discounted all-inclusive rate for the procedures varies based on the facility chosen and can be found at https://colonoscopyassist.com/forms/facility-locator/.
All rates listed include:

  1. Physician fees (including charges for removing polyps and taking biopsies)
  2. Hospital/Surgery center fees
  3. Sedation or Anesthesia Fees (see clarification below)
  4. Pathology Lab Fees (fees to analyze any number of polyps or biopsy samples)

Our rate does not include :

  1. Consultations (usually not required but depends on the exact situation)
  2. Bowel Prep Medicine
  3. Follow up treatment of any kind
  4. Reference Pathology, Genetic Testing and Clinical lab tests
  5. Cost of ambulance or emergency treatment in the event of an emergency or complication

To ensure the highest quality of care and comfort, conscious sedation or MAC Anesthesia will be provided to you during your procedure. Which method of sedation is used depends on the facility chosen and one of the two methods of sedation will be included in the cost of your procedure. You can ask a ColonoscopyAssist representative which method of sedation is included and if an option to get a different method of sedation would be possible.
Most facilities that participate in the program provide MAC Anesthesia as standard. A few select facilities offer conscious sedation as standard and offer to provide MAC Anesthesia for an up charge.

If a polyp is removed or a biopsy is taken, the physician will have the specimens sent to a lab for further testing. The cost of taking the biopsy or removing the polyps as well as the lab fees associated with analyzing them are covered in our standard rate, there are no additional charges for pathology. There is no limit to the number of biopsies or specimens sent. This includes the cost for stains and immunochemistry. The CPT medical codes for tests covered are 88305, 88312, 88313, 88341, 88342. The only exception to this is when a cancerous mass is found , a pathology lab may forward specimens for additional stains and immunochemistry to a reference lab to determine the makeup of the mass. The cost of pathology at the reference labs is not covered (see note below about reference pathology).

When a cancerous mass is found, a second round of lab testing may be performed where additional stains, immunochemistry and genetic testing are completed to help determine a treatment plan. This additional testing is not part of the colonoscopy and is not covered in our flat rate even if the specimen tested was collected during the colonoscopy.

Clinical lab tests are non pathology lab tests such as blood work or stool tests ordered in the diagnosis of ongoing symptoms. These tests are not considered as part of a colonoscopy and so are not covered by ColonoscopyAssist. While blood work is clearly not part of a colonoscopy, sometimes for convenience sake a physician may send stool smears or culture tests from stool specimens found during a colonoscopy so that a patient does not have to visit a lab to provide a sample. These tests are not considered to be part of a colonoscopy as they are completed to diagnose very specific issues that less than 2% of our patients have and are not covered by the program. You will typically recognize this because the samples are sent to a non-pathology lab. An example of a test that would not be covered is a OVA & parasite smear or a C Diff test ordered for patients with long term diarrhea. It is a stool test that physicians order to rule out a possible infection and would not be covered. ColonoscopyAssist does provide discounted pricing for such tests as long as the physician sends the specimens to a contracted lab, for example, a discounted rate for the C Diff  or OVA & parasite smear is approx $50.


A bowel prep will need to be performed the evening before your colonoscopy. The cost of the prep medicine is not included in the cost for a colonoscopy. You will need to purchase the Prep medicine prescribed by your physician at your local pharmacy. The cost of a prep will vary based on the medicine the physician prescribes and where you purchase it. Most preps cost approximately $30.

I am so thankful that such an offer is available for those without insurance. Very affordable tests for colon cancer screening. The entire experience was so effortless for me. They made it so easy and did all they advertised to do. They guided me every step of the way.

Google ReviewJ.M (6/8/2019), Google

As I don’t have health insurance, I was pleased to learn about Colonoscopy Assist. Had it not been for my girlfriend, a former RN, I would have been unaware of your service. By working through Colonoscopy Assist, I have saved at least $500 versus a straight private pay. In addition, my last colonoscopy was well over a decade ago. Due to the number of polyps removed, I was instructed to return in 5 years. Had it not been for your services, I would have delayed this procedure even longer. Thankfully, there were no polyps this time. I now have peace of mind on which I cannot put a price.

Google ReviewD. K., Google

You saved my life. Seriously. I am 46 but have a family history of colon cancer. When my brother had malignant polyps, I got a referral from my doctor. Our insurance doesn’t cover colonoscopy so I would have had to pay $4600 out of pocket. Yikes. Found this site and made the appointment. Out of pocket costs were much more manageable, and the entire process worked as stated. A cancerous mass was found, so now I am getting treated. Otherwise I would never have known until it was too late. Thank you Colonoscopy Assist.

Google ReviewB. L., Google

I’m very grateful for the service Colonoscopy Assist provides. Being able to have a colonoscopy at a significantly reduced rate was a real blessing. As advertised, I only paid the flat rate they stated from the outset. Due to a conflict, I had to reschedule my original procedure appointment but Colonoscopy Assist was able help me with this process. The doctor and his staff were very professional and everything went very well on the day of my procedure. Colonoscopy Assist provided helpful communication throughout the entire process, from my initial registration to my final procedure results!

Google ReviewB. H., Google

Everything went smoothly and professionally as promised. There was no problem at check in and the facilty and staff were excellent and very caring.
We would use this program again for sure.

Google ReviewR. M, Google

Operators were awesome. Quick to help me get appointment setup and walked me through what I needed to do. Pleasure dealing with them.

Google ReviewS. S., Google

Great program! Very well done and organized. I got screened and it saved me a lot of money.

Google ReviewT. S., Google

Everyone at the office was professional and friendly. It was very easy to make the appointment and the procedure went well. I appreciate the opportunity to have a colonoscopy at a much more affordable price. Thank you Colonoscopy Assist.

Google ReviewC. J., Google

ColonoscopyAssist made the process very easy. The payment option really helped out and the discounted rate also. I was scheduled with a great provider who I actually used years prior through my insurance at the time. Great people to deal with and their program is extremely helpful.

Google ReviewB. H., Google

From the moment I walked in and filled out paperwork to preparing for procedure. Everything went like clockwork. Will visit again in 5 years.
Excellent service!!!

Google ReviewK. B., Google

ColonoscopyAssist made the process very easy. The payment option really helped out and the discounted rate also. I was scheduled with a great provider who I actually used years prior through my insurance at the time. Great people to deal with and their program is extremely helpful.

Google ReviewB. H., Google

very simple, very thorough. They keep you well informed and check up on you too

Google ReviewS. N., Google

Professional staff, very efficient, it was nice to have the doctor call to check on me after procedure. I highly recommend this facility…

Google ReviewK. T., Google

This is a great and affordable way to get it done. I traveled 140 miles, but it was worth it. The facility and the doctor were nothing but top-notch. No difference in treatment or care than if you had the best insurance. I will definitely go back, and will recommend ColonscopyAssist to family and friends.

Google ReviewC. C., Google

Used your program 5 years ago. Was very satisfied then. You contacted me with a reminder for five year checkup. Thank you. You helped get appt. with a facility closest to us. They were very nice staff and doctor was great. Again, thank you for your assistance in helping us out.

Google ReviewJ. K., Google

Colonoscopy/Assist was the best thing that happened for me. With family history of colon cancer I was long over due to do my first screening. Getting several quotes from several doctors I was looking at the unaffordable fees. When I contacted Colonoscopy/ Assist I was given the price that I could afford (a flat fee with no hidden fees)

Google ReviewL. H., Google

very simple, very thorough. They keep you well informed and check up on you too

Google ReviewS. N., Google
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