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What is Colonoscopy Assist Prep Support?

  •  Colonoscopy Assist Prep Support provides advanced medical support to patients prescribed a bowel prep for their colonoscopy.
  • Patients are able to download the prep instructions provided by their physician and fill their prescriptions.
  • Patients have 24/7 access to advanced support by pharmacists and GI nurses via a telephone hotline.


Colonoscopy Prep Tips & Tricks

Do not take information here as medical advice without consulting a physician.

We have listed a number of valuable tips and tricks to make your prep experience better. These tips have been included here after careful consideration and are considered must do's.

Tip 1: Do not use your favorite liquid to accompany your prep medicine
By the end of your prep, you will be conditioned against the flavored liquid.
If you mix your prep powder with your favorite flavored liquid, there is a good chance that the drink will no longer be appealing to you in the future.
Tip 2: Chill your bowel prep liquid
Chilling your bowel prep liquid reduces any unpleasant tastes reduces nausea.

Tip 3: Drink your liquid through a straw

Tip 4: Take a cup of yogurt with you to your appointment
It is possible for the bowel prep process to remove some of the normal flora of your intestines. This can make it more difficult to digest food, or just make your system feel "off" in the days following your procedure. Adding yogurt with active cultures to your diet as soon as soft foods are permitted can help with this issue.

Tip 5: Consider purchasing high-quality (very soft) toilet paper or wet wipes for use during your bowel prep.
You will be going to the bathroom frequently, and soreness may develop if you use harsh paper. Vaseline will help too.

Tip 6: Wear loose comfortable clothing and stay close to a bathroom

Tip 7: Ensure that somebody else can tend to children
With frequent trips to the toilet, you will not be in a position to tend to children.

Tip 8: Start your prep while your physician office is open
Patients going through a prep can have questions, have a complication or need to call their physician. By starting your prep while your physician office is open, you will have access to them before they leave for the day.

Tip 9: Pick up your prescription at least 2 days before you intend to use it
Do not leave filling your prescription to the last minute. If your pharmacy has a problem filling your prescription, you may need to contact your physician office to modify your prescription or send it elsewhere. This could take a day to do.

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