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What is Colonoscopy Assist Prep Support?

  •  Colonoscopy Assist Prep Support provides advanced medical support to patients prescribed a bowel prep for their colonoscopy.
  • Patients are able to download the prep instructions provided by their physician and fill their prescriptions.
  • Patients have 24/7 access to advanced support by pharmacists and GI nurses via a telephone hotline.


Learn About Colon Preps

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What is a Colonoscopy Prep or a Bowel Prep?

Bowel preparation, also known as colon prep, colonoscopy prep or bowel prep, is the process of removing all stool, feces and food particles from the colon in order to have a medical or surgical procedure such as a colonoscopy.
It usually entails following an ordered regimen of changing diet accompanied by ingestion of a prescribed combination of drugs prior to the scheduled colonoscopy.


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